Introduction of TMC

Farwestern University Tikapur Multiple Campus is one of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation (QAA) certified   constituent campuses of Farwestern University which is governed and managed by the rule and regulation of university.  In the beginning, it was established in 2001 in 253.33 hectors of land as a nonprofit community campus with the aim of making it as an educational destination for   quality education. Since its inception, it has been running higher level academic programs.  It has a managing committee as an executive body formed by campus assembly. Managing committee is solely authorized to implement policies and programs formulated by campus assembly in the interest of campus and society. The campus has its own constitution approved by the campus assembly. All the internal bodies of the campus are formed in accordance with the provision made by the campus constitution. The campus constitution has clearly defined job, responsibility, and right of different internal bodies, portfolio members and working units. Under the provision of campus constitution, Academic and Administrative by laws and Economic Administration by laws have been formulated and enforced by the campus assembly. All academic, administrative and financial activities of the campus are governed and regulated by the campus constitution and bylaws formulated under it. Thus, the campus constitution is the main charter that states, defines and regulates different provisions, rules and regulations in a scientific way to achieve the prime goals and objectives of the campus in terms of catering up-to-date qualitative education for all. Since its establishment up to the present time, the campus has been providing quality education to the students. Formally Tikapur Multiple Campus (TMC) has been amalgamated in Farwestern University as a constituent campus on 1st Shrawn 2075.