Development History

Tikapur Multiple Campus (TMC) was established in 2058 BS with the genuine aim of providing higher education to the people of different strata in affordable fee. It is situated in a superbly beautiful city of Tikapur about 15 Km south of East-West Highway. This is a non-profit public institution established with a commitment to make higher education accessible to those who are cut off from it because of one reason or another. It has shouldered with the responsibilities for the promotion of the students potentialities as per the social expectations and demands with its highly qualified, experienced and professional lecturers. With the mission of developing Tikapur as an educational city, Tikapur Development Committee (TDC) established it by endowing 80 bighas of land and constructing a building with 12 rooms. TDC has funded for economic and manpower support to cover all the expenses. TMC started its academic programs on management faculty with 40 students, 4 faculty members (2 full time and 2 part time basis), and two office assistants. TDC has constantly supported until it stood in its own. TDC’s vision and master plan has made the foundation of this institution possible.

Gradually, the number of students increased the demand of the stakeholders expanded and TMC launched Bachelor in education, and humanities and social sciences. The existing physical infrastructure could not hold increasing number of students. The first floor and the second floor of the building have been constructed. The faculty members, administrative staff have been added to cope with the increasing degree [of complexity in academic and administration sector. TDC provided 300 bighas more land in 2061 to assure its sustainability.